Carpet Care

Spot removal and carpet maintenance operations that require maneuverability, efficiency, power and hassle-free, one-person operation.

Rush Series Extractor
Carpet Care

Powerful cleaning performance with features like dual vacuums for optimum recovery and up to 500 psi all in a compact, easy to use design.

Ambassador Jr.
Carpet Care

The Ambassador sprays cleaning solution, a brush agitates and deep cleans the carpet while a heavy duty vacuum picks up the water all in one pass.

X17 Series
Carpet Care

A properly adjusted brush agitates and deep cleans the carpet while a heavy duty vacuum picks up the water all in one pass.

Ambassador 20
Carpet Care

Cleaning even the largest carpeted areas becomes a one-person job. Sprays, scrubs and extracts in one easy pass

MPV 31
Carpet Care

MPV®-31 Wide Area Vacuum commands powerful suction to clean large carpeted spaces with efficiency, speed, effortless maneuverability and quiet operation.

747 Vacuum
Carpet Care

Powerful suction cleans large areas quickly and efficiently. Designed to be maneuverable and easy to maintain

Kleen Sweep 25W
Carpet Care

The KS25W is ideal for daily carpet sweeping of large areas. Excellent performance on carpeted or hard floor areas.

Kleen Sweep 28
Carpet Care

Main broom and side brush can be adjusted for optimum adaptation to floor conditions and type of dirt, they also operate independently of each other allowing use of main broom without side broom.

XRide 28
Carpet Care

Clean large carpeted areas quickly and efficiently while the operator rides in comfort Quick one pass cleaning, scrubs and vacuums up water.

Kleen Sweep 32R
Carpet Care

KS32R  works according to the over-throwing principle, which ensures the hopper is filled to capacity. This promotes uninterrupted work and a constant, first-class sweeping performance.

A3S Air Mover
Carpet Care

A3S Air Mover, affordable, stackable

A3SM Mini Air Mover
Carpet Care

A3SM Mini Air Mover, great for small spaces.

Phenom 15 & 18
Carpet Care

Lightweight and extremely maneuverable. Brushing and vacuuming all in one operation.

BPV Pro Series
Carpet Care

Designed for vacuuming carpet, hard floors and upholstery. Worn on the back to allow for easy and quick vacuuming while walking.

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